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We are your favorite place to hang out, learn, and shoot the shit. So, sit back into your truck’s chair, relax, and enjoy the show.

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A real show with a Purpose
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Nick has always been a real influence in the roofing industry. His PodCast and leads company speaks about his professional, fun, educational personality. He gives back all the time. This is the podcast you will become addicted too.
Great Podcast!
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I’ve followed Nick for quite a while and he always puts out an entertaining and informative show. As a commercial roofing contractor, I’m always looking to learn how I can improve my business and Nick is the man. Great guests too. Keep them coming!
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This was truly awesome Nick! It is so cool to see where you were when I first came into your family to where you are now! This podcast was very eye opening and inspiring. I really like how you seem to know the background of his personal life, rather then just knowing his business side of life.
I like big roofs and I cannot lie
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This podcast is both super informative, but fun to listen to and easy to digest. Much easier for me to download and retain information when it is a good vibe! Roof pros check it out!
Actually Good
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There’s a lot of garbage info out there related to roofing. It’s a substantial industry. This is actually good content. Subscribe.

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